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Friday, 9 March 2012

Jail for Hoslan, a former imam who thew slipers at judges

Court finds former imam guilty of throwing slippers at judges

Feeling remorseful: Hoslan apologised to the judiciary yesterday for what he did at the Federal Court.

PUTRAJAYA: A former imam who created a stir when he threw his slippers at a panel of three judges during a court proceeding last month has been sentenced to a year in jail for contempt of court.

Hoslan Husin, 46, was found guilty on grounds that he had failed to give a sufficient explanation for his conduct.

Hoslan, who wore a green serban and clad in a black robe, arrived at the Federal Court at 9.35am without any shoes.

Chief Judge of Malaya Justice Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin inform-ed Hoslan that a show cause notice had been issued to him for contempt of court after one of his slippers hit a deputy registrar who was on duty in court that day.

Hoslan was said to have committed the offence during a proceeding in the Federal Court between 10.15am and 10.30am on Feb 22.

Hoslan’s lawyer, Karpal Singh, said “his (Hoslan) actions is indefensible but there are other considerations”.

When asked to give an explanation, Hoslan said: “This is a charge imposed on me. I am confused. From the very beginning, everything has been confusing.

“The case should be heard in a Syariah court and not a civil court. The sentence for an imam should be decided by a Syariah court if he is found guilty,” he said.

Hoslan then started sobbing. He bowed his head and covered his face.

In an unanimous decision, Justice Zulkefli said the Bench convicted Hoslan for contempt of court after he failed to give a sufficient explanation during show cause proceedings.

In mitigation, Karpal said Hoslan regretted his actions and was prepared to apologise to the court.

Karpal said Hoslan, who is an environmental officer, has seven children aged between six and 16 and aged parents to take care of.

Hoslan expressed remorse for what had transpired in court and apologised to the judiciary.

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