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Friday, 2 March 2012

Born on Penang Bridge Leapling Baby

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Leapling baby born on Penang Bridge


GEORGE TOWN: This Leap Year has turned out to be a most special one for a young couple from the mainland.

The wife gave birth to a baby girl in a car while travelling on the Penang Bridge.

The mother was being rushed by the father to the Adventist Hospital here at about 6.30pm when her contractions became stronger and before the couple could react, the baby had popped out.

Earlier, she had labour pains at their home on the mainland.

The couple decided to drive over to the island despite know- ing that they could be heading into the after-office hours jam here.

Grimacing in pain and sensing that the baby was about to be born, the wife pleaded with the husband to step on the pedal, hoping that they could reach the hospital in time.

But, before the couple knew it, the baby had emerged safely into the arms of the excited mother.

The husband then drove straight to the hospital located about 15km away from the bridge

A hospital spokesperson who confirmed the case, said that the baby was rushed to the maternity ward for immediate attention and follow-up care.

It was a triple joy for the couple as the child was born in the Year of the Dragon, on a Leap Day and on the iconic Penang Bridge, the spokesperson said.

It is learnt that the overjoyed husband told the hospital staff that he intended to throw a big birthday party every four years for his daughter, whom he regards as having brought blessings to the family due to the unique circumstances of her birth.
GEORGE TOWN: Businessman Yeap Ee Sin stepped on the accelerator, racing to bring his pregnant wife to the Adventist Hospital on the island as her contractions became stronger.

Happy family: Yeap and Wong with their leapling baby and older daughter Ying Swenz.

But his daughter was eager to make her debut on Feb 29, the leap day in the Year of the Dragon, so she “arrived” inside daddy's car right in the middle of Penang Bridge.

The hospital was still another 15km away.

“I really didn't expect it. She was supposed to be due on March 8,” said Yeap, 26.

“While I was speeding through the bridge, I said a  silent prayer for my baby to wait until we got to the hospital.

  “But before we could even reach the island, my wife gave out a loud scream and out came the baby's head. The next thing I knew, she was cradling the baby in her arms.

“I guess she just couldn't wait,” said the proud father.

The newborn, who has yet to be named, weighed 2.9kg.

Yeap sped to reach the hospital as the baby's umbilical cord was still intact.

“I was worried that there would be traffic congestion since it was peak hour (at about 6pm) then but thank God it wasn't that bad as I was going to Penang Island from the mainland.

Imagine if I was coming from the other way?” he quipped.

Yeap said his wife Wong Sok Sim, 26, had earlier been experiencing heavy contractions and he immediately rushed home from work and took her to the hospital.

“Both mother and daughter are safe,” he said.

An overjoyed Yeap told the hospital staff that he would throw a big birthday party every four years for his daughter, whom he felt was a blessing to the family due to the unique circumstances of her birth.

The couple have an elder daughter aged 16 months.

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