Thursday, 15 March 2012

De-stressing with Jojo Struys

Mind power: Struys will walk participants through some of the de-stressing exercises at the fair.

PETALING JAYA: If you're having sleepless nights of tossing and turning in bed, then head to the inaugural Star Health Fair 2012 next month to pick up de-stressing tips and techniques from TV host cum producer JoJo Struys.

She will be conducting two workshops daily, which are especially beneficial for insomniacs and highly-strung individuals.

“All of us have some type of stress, whether it's related to family, work or deadlines. I'll walk you through some exercises to squeeze the stress out of your body. They are simple and you can do it at any point of the day. You just need to find a quiet spot,” said Struys, 36, who is also an accredited Reiki master.

Struys, who studied units of psychology in varsity, has always been fascinated with wellness and the power of the mind.

“It's not always that you are what you eat but what is eating you is equally important.”

At the fair, Struys will also launch her inaugural guided relaxation CD entitled “Letting Go”, which contains her voice with soothing background music. If you sleep off while listening to the CD, then you are totally relaxed, which is a good sign.

“Come dressed in comfortable clothing because we'll be doing some basic stretching exercises. I'm hoping that you'll walk out of the workshop a much calmer and more positive person,” Struys said.

The fair, organised by The Star, will be held at the MidValley Exhibition Centre from April 6 to 8 from 10am to 7pm. Admission is free.

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