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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Penang Road Bully

AN assistant sales manager who uploaded a recording of a driver of an MPV allegedly ‘damaging’ the former’s car, has received more than 60,000 hits after it went viral online.

The footage, which lasted one minute and 16 seconds, titled ‘Penang Road Bully’, has been widely circulated on the Facebook in the past week.

Ooi Tze Dong, 29, said he was in his car with his girlfriend Lim Ann Si, 26, and they were on their way back from lunch at 2.30pm on Oct 17 when the incident happened at Lengkok Sungai Dua in Sungai Nibong here.

“We were about to go back after lunch when an MPV blocked our way.

“I honked twice at the driver to move his vehicle but he refused. Then I reversed my car to the back alley.

“I was shocked to see the MPV in the middle of the back lane and the driver demanded that I come out of my car,” Ooi said, adding that there was also a woman carrying a baby in the MPV.

He added that when he refused, the driver of the MPV allegedly tapped his car window and repeatedly kicked the driver’s side door, causing a dent.

Ooi said the man continued the ‘attack’ on his car even after Ann Si had started recording his act.

Take a good look: Ooi (centre) and Ann Si showing Lim (left) the police report and video footage of the incident at the Penang MCA headquarters in Jalan Pahang

He added that he then called the police and blocked the MPV from leaving the scene.

“However, the driver came at our car again with an umbrella and started hitting the windshield until it cracked,” said Ooi, adding that he then reversed his car and drove to the Sungai Nibong police station where he lodged a police report.

Ooi said he had also lodged another report at the Jelutong police station on Oct 22.

Speaking during a press conference at the state MCA headquarters in Jalan Pahang yesterday, Ooi said he was disappointed that no action has been taken yet against the driver of the MPV despite both his police reports.

“The officer in charge of our case advised us to settle the matter by discussing with the driver of the MPV but I just want the driver to pay the cost of my damaged car which had come up to RM5,000,” he said.

State MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau deputy chief Lim Thoon Deong said that the police should be more professional in handling the case instead of merely ‘advising’ the victim to settle the matter.

“This is considered as attempted assault and the police should be more serious in curbing these ‘road bullies’ by bringing them to justice,” he said.

When contacted, George Town OCPD Asst Comm Gan Kong Meng said the case was being investigated under Section 427 of the Penal Code for committing mischief and damage.

He also said the officer-in-charge of the case is expected to refer the matter to the deputy public prosecutor’s office by next Monday for further action.

By HAFIZ MARZUKH The Star/Asia News Network

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