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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Look, man threw dog into manhole!

Scores vent anger at Somali dog killer

PETALING JAYA: Scores of people are lodging police reports against a Somali student and his friends who killed a dog by throwing it into a manhole recently.

The student had been taking care of the dog named Kanilla while its 19-year-old Jordanian owner was away on a month's holiday at his home country.

People were further infuriated after watching a recording of the incident on YouTube which shows the perpetrators running away laughing after throwing the dog into the manhole.

The video has since been removed.

Lawyer C. H Tan, who lodged his report at the Bukit Jelutong police station on Wednesday evening with three others, said he was livid over what had happened.

“When I see acts of cruelty perpetrated against animals, I feel a dire and almost desperate need for justice to be dispensed against the perpetrators,” said Tan.

“Even worse was that the entirety of the deranged act was captured on video as some sick memorial,” he said.

The mass police reports were initiated by canine welfare project Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB).

MDDB rescue coordinator Irene Low urged the public to lodge more police reports to express their disdain over what had happened.

“MDDB has provided a sample to be copied and pasted when lodging police reports on our Facebook page,'' said Low.

Angry animal lovers also bombarded the Facebook page of the university, in which the Somali is believed to be a student, with comments.

A former student Colin Kuan urged the establishment to pay heed to what had happened.

Business owner Nortanti Latip urged the university to hand the perpetrators to the police and ensure they are sent back to their country of origin.

Meanwhile, a friend of the perpetrator said he believed the Somali student and others involved in the incident had been drinking.

He also said the perpetrator was very frightened and was in hiding.

“The news is everywhere with so many people angry at him,'' he added  - The Star/Asia News Network

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