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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

How to avoid dogs attack you?

Learn to be safe if a dog attacks, says trainer - If a dog is coming at you, not run or turn to fact it - M.Selvamanickaraja

KUALA LUMPUR: The public should learn how to avoid being attacked by dogs following the case of a jogger who died after being mauled by a dog.

Dog trainer M. Selvamanickaraja said the risk of injury could be reduced significantly if you knew what to do when faced with an aggressive dog.

He added that local councils should also conduct awareness programmes for dog owners so they would know how to be responsible for their pets.

“After issuing licences to owners, local councils should brief them on basic things that they should do, such as keeping a proper kennel and securing their house compound so that dogs will not be able to escape,” he said at his house here.

On May 8, a miniature bull terrier cross bit Yip Sun Wah, 74, on the neck and almost tore off his left ear as he was jogging about 1km from his house in Subang Jaya. Yip died on the spot.

Selvamanickaraja, who has been training dogs for 10 years, said banning dog breeds was not the answer as mongrels could also turn aggressive.

He said that not allowing breeds such as the German Shepherd will also deprive people from owning gifted and loyal family dogs.

On what people can do when faced with a vicious dog, Selva­manickaraja said: “When a dog wants to attack you, it thinks of you as prey. You must change the dog’s perception of you as prey.

“If a dog is coming at you, do not run or turn to face it. Remain still and turn to your side, with your hands behind your back.

“Clench your fists as you do not want to leave anything exposed for the dog to bite. By doing this, you are not giving the dog space to attack,” he said.

The dog will become confused and might change its mind about attacking.

“But in its state of confusion, it might try to bite but you must stand firm. At most, it will bite once and then leave,” Selvamanickaraja said.

He said people should only attempt to run away or confront the dog if they were absolutely sure they can escape or defend themselves.

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